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By: caliberdigitalmarketing | September 20, 2017

 Used effectively, e-mail is hard to beat for saving time and money and informally exchanging important information quickly. But an electronic mailbox that’s constantly crammed full of messages demanding your immediate attention is not only distracting, it gobbles up hours of precious time.

Managing e-mail is a skill that can be mastered. If you are having issues with email services at large level, then come in contact with digital marketing resellers in UK to get smart solution. Here’s how to gain control over your e-mail and reap more of the benefits:

Treat E-mail Like Any Other Tool

Use it only when appropriate. Decide before you begin composing a message if the issue is best handled via e-mail or some other way. If the topic is complex, you may be better off with one five- minute phone call instead of a string of e-mail exchanges Tip: If it looks like your message will require more than what fits on a single screen, call or write a formal letter instead.

Keep the Message Brief

Get to the point. No need to compose a formal letter. Use short paragraphs with a return between each. Or make it a list.

Put the Subject Line to Work

Really say something. Be specific, such as “Widgets ordered on 6/1/09” or “driving directions to 6/10 meeting”.

State Your Purpose

And do that clearly in the first paragraph so the reader can quickly decide whether to continue reading now or return to your message later.

Indicate Message Urgency

If you require an immediate answer, type URGENT or ASAP on the subject line. Likewise, if it can wait or is for information purposes only, include FYI on the subject line. And if you are asking for something, begin the subject line with REQ, short for request.

Avoid Using All Caps

Caps are considered SHOUTING in e-mail parlance. And save the cutesy, smiley face characters for personal e-mails.

Spell Check

Run the spell check and then double check who’s on the recipient list before you hit "send". Once you press that send button, you can’t take it back.

Use Built-in Features

Explore all the features of your e-mail software, such as the ability to color-code read and unread messages. If your e-mail program offers it, complete the signature line so that it automatically fills in and don’t have to type the same information over for each message.

List Contact Info in Every Message

Include all the information necessary to reach you in every message sent. That includes your name, title and the company name, street address and zip code. Add your slogan or tag line, e-mail and website URL. And be sure to include your telephone and fax numbers. Some email programs allow users to set up multiple signatures so messages to family can be signed appropriately and differently from business messages.

Delete Junk E-mail Messages

Train yourself to scan the subject lines when mail first comes in. If you're not sure it's junk, open and read the first paragraph. Respond immediately only to those messages that require it.

Can the Jokes

During business hours e-mail jokes are inappropriate. They're ok on your own time, but not during the work day.Implementing even some of these tips will ensure that you remain in control of your email and that your email functions as an efficient and productive tool for both work and personal use.

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